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looking for temporary studettes for my imps! post here if interested!


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Yeah, that’s right! I grabbed one extra Fungalhoof Qiriq and giving you a chance to win it!


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oh jeez ;w; I’m not sure I can pick just one. I have a lot I really adore. 
How’s this? The one I get most excited about when I see it make an appearance in popular media— probably the wendigo. I’m not so sure if that counts? As it probably is considered more folkloric than mythological, to most people. I really adore how it originates within people? Wendigos are symbols of cannibalism. And there are just so many different views of cannibalism, and what it means to people… When it comes down to it, I really enjoy the psychoanalytic qualities of wendigos. 

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Arcanist was one I was looking forward to the most

Lightweaver totally made him wear it!

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I like to imagine this is how breeding actually works between clans.

Part 1 of a comic thing I’m doing for Agrimmon staring Eren, Xaalos and Ankou

God Pearlcatchers are fun. Note to self: Draw more Pearlcatchers

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… I can’t decide if I want to do that. D:

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I just don’t know what to do with her, anymore.  


i hate her tertiary so much 
part of me wants to scatter her until i’m satisfied, SIGH 

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guess who bought crackle on her first try? uwu

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Giveaway: Wildclaw, Shimmer or Iridescent Scroll


Or actually any scroll you want.

Winner gets to pick the scroll!!!

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- Tell me if you’re left handed, right handed or ambidextrous.


This ends when I decide it is over. I’ll give you a heads up when it’s close to the close of it.

Don’t forget that this giveaway is going on as well:

FR Care Package. 

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Right Handed! c: 

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you have no idea how badly i want one of those goddamn fluted pukasloths. 

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With my old laptop broken and all my files stuck in it until I can find a screwdriver small enough to get the hard drive out, I don’t really have anything better to do. );

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  • Ends on Friday (November 29th)

…I think that’s everything.

BIS0U #24067

in order of preference! 
the lovely imperial, then the skydancer. <3
so precious. c: